Scarlett Squeeze vs Ashley Wildcat

Scarlett Squeeze created quite the stir with the Female Wrestling Channel ladies when she came on board and blasted Carmella Ringo in Episode 41 on the mats.   Now……..Scarlett is aiming for her next challenger……….as she feels her ascension up the FWC ladder is going to be quick and definite.

However, the always competitive Ashley Wildcat stands in her way.   Ashley has suffered two very tough losses in a row against FWC veterans Foxy Rain and Monroe Jamison.   Ashley is in big need of a win and wants to go up against Scarlett, and win, so she can prove to the fan base that she is very much in the hunt for the new Female Wrestling Channel Competitive Champion that is going to be crowned in 2014.

Will Scarlett Squeeze continue steam rolling through the FWC ladies?  Or will Ashley Wildcat stop Scarlett dead in her tracks?

Who is going to win this thing?

Episode 43 – Testing Scarlett – Scarlett… by femalewrestlingchannel

This is a best of 5 falls real female vs female wrestling matchup.

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Girls fighting over phone

Amateur girls fighting over a phone, typical teenager trouble!  These girls look cute as hell and the fact that they get in a fight over talking on the phone just makes them more cute.  Watch as these two teens struggle to gain control of the phone and even wrap each other in the phone cord as they fight.  I think I caught a glimpse of her panties too as they rolled around…

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Head bashed

Damn check out this russian catfight!  The blonde babe is pissed about something and uses her superior strength to grab her opponents hair and just bash her head into the floor repeatedly.  I’m not sure if there was permenant damage to the other sluts face but who cares, that blonde babe would be fun as fuck in bed haha!

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Panty fight

Two girls wrestling in these free pics… catfighting at its best!  I love watching two determined hot chicks go at it until one cums out victorious.  I couldn’t find any pics of these two nude but I suspect inside the members area you can see these sexy sluts fighting nude!

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Outdoor wrestling

Two girls having a wrestling match outside in the grass!  These two hotties look russian to me but maybe they are just skinny lesbian lovers having a tussle after school (notice the bookbag on the blanket?).  No professional fighters are these two catfighting girls, just plain grappling wrestling on the ground outdoors.  Honestly this is the type of catfight I like, it looks like these two panty clad girls are friends who just wrestle to resolve a small dispute with little chance of injury but lots of nudity, great for spectators!

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Messy feathers

This is one weird catfight, the girls aren’t wearing panties but instead are wrestling in a feather pit!  What makes it really odd imo is the lack of pillows and it isn’t in a bedroom so it is not a pillow fight but instead two nude girls covered in feathers fighting.  Very odd and that is what makes it erotic to me (plus the cute redhead and scary brunette of course)!  If you like a variety of types of fighting you need to check out this site for more girl on girl fighting! 

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Oil wrestling

What is hotter than two nude babes wrestling in a tub of oil??  I’m not sure but if you figure it out let me know!  Until then enjoy these free pictures I snagged from BabesFight featuring two nude babes wrestling and grappling in a pool of slippery oil!  Reminds me of my college days in the basement when we would have the sorority girls come over and wrestle in jello… not sure why we never had an oil match!  I love how the oil makes these two babes shine and of course it makes their wrestling match even more fun as they struggle to get a good grip and attempt to pin the other nude body before they fall on their asses haha

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